Good, Clean, and Fair Food

Good, Clean, and Fair Food

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Happy holidays and new year! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and eating lots of food that is good, clean and fair. I mostly wanted to post this entry because of the cool pictures from our Thanksgiving dinner (see above.) Ain't we cute?
Oh! And this is soon, but on January 30, Pat from Pat's Pastured (where we got our bird) is speaking at Food for Thought (Where Alyssa works!!!) in Wakefield. He is going to do a small presentation about his awesome Farm. It takes place at 3pm and is open to everyone. If you have never been to Food for Thought before it is in the heart of Wakefield right next to the Breakfast Nook and across the street from Belmont Market. Make sure you check out their selection too- a ton of local organic goodness!
Aaaaand I just found this on the farm fresh website. A local food forum....and its FREEEEE!
It takes place on Tuesday Feb. 8 in Prov and is from 8:30 to 2:30. I know most of us have school but...c'mon....its freee! I might go so contact me via email if you wanna come. You also have to register first.
And one last thing. The Northeast Real Food Challenge Leadership Training in Boston! I went last year and I'm DEF going again. Check it out!
It's the weekend of feb. 25th and its SO MUCH FUN and its only $25 for housing and food for the entire weekend! If you wanna go TELL ME! I'm driving my big blue van up and 6 other people are welcome to hop in with me! It is a great tool for those wanting to rev up the local food movement.
Anywho I hope you all a gnarly holiday break sledding and skiing and whatnot and see you this semester!
And as always, email us about ANYTHING!

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