Good, Clean, and Fair Food

Good, Clean, and Fair Food

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello everyone and happy thanksgiving! We here at SFURI had an eventful and amazing weekend!

On friday we did some window decorating in the union. If you have not gone by to see the window you should go check it out- it is across from the eye place in the union on the ground floor. We had so much fun drawing with paints and thinking up ideas. We drew some piggies, veggies, and of course some snails pulling a sled! Caute!! Here is a pic I took with my phone:

Nice huh?

On saturday, guess what we did? We killed turkeys!!!!! It was VERY interesting to say the least. We got to Pat's Pastured farm on Fort Getty Jamestown around 9am after stopping at the ever delicious and local Village Hearth Bakery. We were joined by our amigos from the outing club who met us there, and then we got to work! Our tasks included, catching the turkeys, hanging them up, killing them, de-feathering them, gutting them, bagging them, and weighing them to be put in the freezer. Everyone there was so knowledgeable and nice. Here is a gross pic:

I will upload more pictures soon- I am old school and use a disposable camera and it takes about a week to develop. Everyone there was so knowledgeable and nice. After a couple of hours of hard work we were done, and in return got a fresh turkey! Alyssa, John and I then stopped by Windmist Farm which is owned by one of my best friend's family to pick up our donation of eggs and cider for our Thanksgiving dinner the next day. Thanks Windmist! Then we hit up the NK farmer's market in our turkey clothes as smelly as ever to pick up some Watson Farm ground beef and some tasty veggies. I also got some Narragansett Creamery Cheese!!! MmmMMM!

Sunday was a day of mucho cocinar! After going to a turkey frolic on Hodgekiss Farm for a little bit in Jamestown, I headed to Alyssa's house to do some good ol' fashioned cooking. Alyssa had been cooking the turkey since 10 am and boy did it look good! Nothing is fresher than a turkey you killed with your own two hands the day before! I had already made some carrot soup from the night before, and Alyssa and I cooked swiss chard and beef stuffing, buttercup squash muffins with dates and walnuts, roasted squash and pumpkin seeds, fresh cranberry sauce, ground beef with leeks and onions, and then we were joined by our friends Slow Mo and Quick Mik to make some butternut squash pie and some squash slices with maple walnuts. Mik also brought a crap load of mashed potatoes donated from Sosnowski Farm. Then it was time to head to Eddy Hall to meet up with everyone else for the dinner.

The dinner was a huge success. Like I said before I'll upload pics when they get developed. Some cool dishes we had were fresh oysters from the Matunuck Oyster Bar (Thanks Mason!), pumpkin fondue, some delish mac and cheese, bruschetta, apple cole slaw and TONS more. I of course brought my boyfriend and roomates, because food is meant to be shared with the people you care most about right? That is what Slow Food is all about! I wish you all a safe and warm and tasty Thanksgiving. I hope you take some time and slow down to appreciate at the beautiful things in life! :)

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